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Ruffwear Grip Trex dog boots set the standard in paw wear for dogs who hike, bike, run, or explore the great outdoors with their humans.These high-performance dog booties feature a rugged and resilient outsole lug pattern that provides exceptional traction on varied terrain.

Key Features:
  • Non-marking Vibram® outsole with new lug design provides traction and enhanced flexibility
  • Adjustable closure strap customizes fit for your dog
  • One piece mud guard enhances fit and long-term durability
  • 3M reflective details provide visibility from multiple angles
  • Tightly woven air mesh keeps dirt and debris out while providing superior ventilation
  • Kew-tec synthetic pigskin grip cuff helps keep boots on paw
  • Research-based design and appropriate cuff height allow boots to fit a full range of paw sizes
Set of 4 Boots

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Boot Sizing Guide

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The Perfect Dog Boots

Nancy D - McHenry County, IL


Dog: Summer
[German Shepherd]

We adopted a German Shepherd Rescue whose previous owner was a runner and had passed on these shoes to us. Due to the gait of the dog's rear legs, and that she drags her one foot, she wears down her pads quickly on asphalt. I wanted to get some new boots, since the old ones were quite worn out and pleased to find that your company carries them. These dog boots are great. The dog doesn't mind me putting them on her, they slip on easily, stay on, and they really protect her feet. They are very rugged and, since I'm a walker and not a runner, I expect these boots to last me quite a while. I would certainly recommend them.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Perfect Boot, Happy Pooch

BGAGE - Alpine, TX


Dog: Duke

I started researching boots for our Vizsla who was constantly getting mesquite and cactus thorns in his paws from running around on our property. I wanted something that could handle the rough desert terrain along with protection from thorns and hot surfaces. I found that in these shoes! The first day we put them on our dog and went out running the property like he wasn't wearing anything! I love the fact he ignored the fact he had on the shoes and that he came back without any thorns to speak of and the shoes stay on well. We ordered the red so if he threw a shoe we could find it immediately, which is great except for when the shoe falls sole side up. LOL I would HIGHLY recommend these shoes to anyone looking for a great way to protect their dogs paws. I use socks on our dog to protect his dew claws since the shoe does come just under the claw but I feel the socks also prevent friction on his toes. Customer service is AMAZING, as well. You can't go wrong with the Ruff Wear Grip Tex or K-9 Backcountry as a whole!!!

Yes, I recommend this product.


Clint Sweet - San Diego County


Dog: Scully

This is my 2nd set of boots. The 1st set lasted almost 3 years, with the help of a little ShoeGoo! Excellent for keeping burrs and foxtails out of my Airedale's paws.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Well Constructed Boots - Beware of overheating

Loki's Mom - PacNorWest


Dog: Loki
[Husky Mix]

Bought both these for a hike up Mt. St. Helens - volcanic rock and dog paws don't mix. I also purchased the Ruffwear Summit Trex to compare (One type on each paw running around the house with treats! I found these to be more robust and they stayed on - the summit trex repeatedly fell off and were returned). WE did a trial on a 5 mile hike over mixed terrain. A few readjustments along the way, but they stayed put over rock, dirt, mud, and extruded metal. However, my husky mix overheated on a 65 degree day - at 2.5 miles I pulled off the booties and his feet were damp and warm. We'd done this hike in similar conditions without problems. Experienced the same thing on Mt. St. Helens requiring stops to pull off the booties and cool down. If you have a short hair dog, this may not be an issue, but definitely a concern for those extra fluffy ones. But we did summit Mt. St. Helens!

Yes, I recommend this product.

Happy Dogs, Happy Paws

Shawna T - Oklahoma


Dog: Ares and Enyo
[Dogo Argentino's]

The Ruffwear Grip Trex Boots are fantastic! Durable and made exceptionally well. These boots make it possible for my dogs to enjoy their time outside. Their allergies make them highly sensitive to the environment and wearing these boots negates any allergic reaction by contact.

Yes, I recommend this product.


Gone to the dogs in CT - East Hampton, Ct


Dog: Yuki
[Tebetan Terrier]

The ruff grip trex boots are great for when we walk our dog through our neighborhood. They protect his paws from the cold as well as the salt and sand on the roads. Just bought another pair as a backup. As another review mentioned, they are well made and rugged. Well worth the cost.

Yes, I recommend this product.

We'll made, rugged boot

Gundog76 - St Paul,MN


Dog: Strider
[Black Lab]

I bought these for an aging Lab who still loves to walk, but drags his feet due to hind leg weakness, bloodying his feet on the pavement. I was skeptical whether they would work very well, since he wears thru very quickly other boots we tried. Was also not sure about the recommendation to chose the smaller size, if between sizes. But the boots go on easier than expected and can be snugged up enough to stay on well. They seem to be both light and rugged, although he is not running or cutting with them on. Although a bit pricey, I did get them on sale and they arrived quickly. Only regret is that I didn't get them earlier when he was stronger and walked farther.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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