Ruffwear Core Cooler

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Product Description

Add-on to Ruffwear packs and harnesses that uses natural evaporative cooling to keep dogs cool

The Ruffwear Core Cooler™ is an add-on that cools dogs, adds additional support when lifting and assisting, and further stabilizes packs and harnesses. This three-layer chest panel uses evaporative cooling to efficiently pull heat from the dog's core during warm temperatures and high-intensity activities. To activate, wet the Core Cooler with water and wring out. The Core Cooler easily attaches to Ruffwear harnesses and packs using hook-and-loop sleeves.

  • Add on to Ruffwear's Web Master&trade Harness, Web Master Pro&trade Harness, Approach&trade Pack, Palisades&trade Pack and Singletrak&trade Pack
  • Three layer construction chest panel cools the core:
    • Wicking outer layer facilitates evaporation
    • Absorbent middle layer stores water for evaporation
    • Comfortable inner layer transfers cooling effect to the dog
  • Provides load dispersion and stability
  • Hook-and-loop sleeves for easy on and off
  • Secure fasteners
  • Hand Wash
  • Mild detergent
  • Air dry
  • X-Small, Small, Medium and Large/X-Large to correspond to pack and harness sizes.