Ruffwear Turnup Durable Rubber Dog Toy

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The Ruffwear Turnup™ Durable Rubber Dog Toy, where will it turn up?

The TurnUp is one of Ruffwear's most durable rubber toys and it's great for fetching, treat dispensing, and at-home play. This eco-sensitive rubber toy is sized to fit dogs' mouths and is compatible with ball throwers. It is almost round so it bounces in all directions – ideal for athletic dogs of any size.

  • Durable, resilient, and virtually indestructible
  • Fits in a standard sized ball thrower
  • Made from natural latex rubber, a renewable and sustainable resource
  • Textured divots stimulate healthy gums and teeth
  • Two-hole design prevents suction
  • Sized like a tennis ball
  • Diameter: 2.5” (6 cm)
  • Height: 3” (8 cm)
Interactive Fun All Ruffwear toys are interactive and intended for supervised play. They are not designed to be chew toys. Once the interactive play has finished, place the Ruffwear toy out of your dog's reach and replace it with a designated chew toy.

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