Late this Summer, Ruffwear introduced a solid set of new gear including the Hi & Dry Saddlebag Cover to fit Approach and Palisades backpacks. Let’s break down the key features.

Keeping your dog’s gear dry. In wet conditions, the Hi & Dry Saddlebag Cover will keep your dog’s gear dry in their pack – count on it. Weatherproof fabric and taped seams keep the water out.

Keeps pack handles and attachment points accessible. The cover allows access to the packs rear leash attachment and the pleated top allows you to grab the top handle of the pack.

Small size and a convenient attached storage pouch. The Hi & Dry cover folds out of it’s own attached pouch, has a loop to hang it from a pack if needed and even the largest size fits in your hand easily.

A note about fit
The Hi & Dry Saddlebag Cover comes in three sizes to fit all Approach and Palisades backpacks.

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