This isn’t goodbye but it’s a pretty big change. So, here it goes –

We’ll stop selling gear on September 9th.

Words I’ve dreaded having to say. There is good news though – 

But we’re not going away.

Let me explain.

Over 11 years ago I took a love of outdoor gear and passion for camping with my Lab, Huron, mixed it with my technical knowledge and a desire to provide customer service that would rival companies like REI. Backcountry K-9 was born. In that time we’ve helped tens of thousands of customers outfit their dogs for outdoor adventures. Not too bad for a small business with one employee.

In that same time though, giants like Amazon have grown to dominate the e-commerce market. The same Amazon that leased 20 more cargo planes this year to further facilitate their own logistics. The same one that now offers same day delivery in more than two dozen markets across the US.

These are good things for consumers. These are the big ideas that drive e-commerce forward. Unfortunately, little guys like us don’t always have the resources to continue to compete with these giants. It’s sometimes unfortunate but it’s progress.

So, I’m bringing the business back to it’s roots – my love for technical gear and outdoor adventures with my dogs. We’ll renew our commitment to share our expertise and passion with you through new and additional content. Whether it is learning about new gear, getting expert advice on fitting and using a backpack for your dog, downloading a pack list for your upcoming backpacking trip, or learning about getting into a new sport with your dog, like skijoring, we’ll strive to be your virtual guide. We’ll continue to showcase gear, expand our blog and foster our social communities across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

I’m excited for this new direction. I’m excited to remain engaged with manufacturers bringing their new gear to the market. Excited to hear of and see your adventures with your dogs.

From now through September 9th, head over to our store to find great gear on sale like EzyDog, Hurtta, Mountainsmith, D-fa, Kurgo and more. During this time our Ruffwear gear will not be on sale but we will have full stock thanks to our close partnership with them.

After September 9th, our online store will closed but stop by for a look around. We’ll be showcasing all the best gear, showing you where to buy it, how to use it and sprinkling in our expert advice.

Need help with a return during our closeout sale? No problem. Our regular return policy applies but we will be shortening the return window from 60 days to 30 days starting July 22nd.

In need of warranty help? Again, no problem. We’re not going away and are in good standing with all of our manufacturers. We’ll be able to facilitate any warranty claims no matter when they come up. We continue to stand by anything you bought from us.

I hope you’ll join us for this next adventure.

Happy Trails!

Backcountry K-9