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Campfire Dog Treats Review
Product Reviews

Campfire Treats Review

Dog treats are a tough thing at my house. My trail dog Cheyenne has some nasty food allergies to beef and chicken proteins. Just a little will cause her paws to itch like crazy – she’ll lay and chew them trying to get some relief. And, she’ll stink. I don’t…

Nutrition for Adventure Dogs
Adventure Lifestyle How to Guides

Nutrition and Supplements for Adventure Dogs

What follows is meant to be a reflection on personal preferences and is purely informational in nature.  I in no way claim to be a vet or a canine nutritional expert, and this is not meant to be a comprehensive feeding guide. Please consult with your vet to help you…

Sam Glinsmann
Adventure Lifestyle Hiking and Backpacking

A Chat with a Superior Trail Hiker

We recently met adventure photographer Sam Glinsmann who is currently based in Minnesota. Our conversation quickly turned to his hike of the Superior Hiking Trail that runs along the north shore of Lake Superior. Sam and his dog Finn crushed 155 miles of the trail in just 7 days. Read…

Canicross Tips
Adventure Lifestyle How to Guides

5 Tips for your First Canicross

Canicross: the sport of running cross country trails while being towed by your dog. Pretty much every slow jogger’s dream, including mine. Years after the children’s fun runs ended for me, and my dog, Tybee, trotted defiantly into “senior” status, we finally got the opportunity. Our first event was what…

Run Race Database

The Dog Race Database – An Interview with the Creator

We recently were introduced to The Dog Race Database, the work of health research psychologist, runner, and dog-lover, Bethany Merillat. Bethany’s research has resulted in a very extensive database of dog-friendly walks, runs, and other races. We were blown away by the amount of work that went into this project and couldn’t…

The best winter jackets for dogs
Product Reviews

The Best Winter Jackets for Dogs

Choosing the correct winter jacket for your dog can seem like a daunting task.  With the myriad of different styles, fabrics, and brands now available to our canine companions, it’s easy to find variety, but it’s even easier to make a poor choice when selecting a jacket for your dog.…

Hiking with your dog in the desert
Adventure Lifestyle How to Guides

5 Tips for Hiking with your Dog in the Desert

I know what you’re thinking about right now because I’m thinking the same thing. Where am I going to hike when Spring rolls around? The mountains? Nah, go there all the time…the beach? Nah, too far plus it’ll be too cold. Oh! The Desert. Yes, I’ll go to the desert…

Turtle Fur Good Dog Bandana
Product Reviews

Turtle Fur Good Dog Bandana Review

We were recently contacted by Turtle Fur to give them some feedback on their new pet product, the Good Dog Bandana neck gaiter for dogs. We put it to use on not just one dog but two! What Is It? The Good Dog Bandana is a high visibility neck gaiter…