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Is Your Dog Not Too Sure About His New Boots?

Dog boots work wonders to protect your dog’s pads from all kinds of hazards – ice, salt, cactus needles, sharp rock, hot asphalt, and poking sticks. Try explaining the benefit to your dog though! Most dogs look disgusted and start the high stepping dance.

If it happens to your dog, don’t fret. This is probably the first time he has ever had anything on his feet. Just like humans, dogs have to get used to and break their new boots in.

Here are some tips to get your dog on board:

  1. Be positive. The boots are likely causing a little anxiety. Be positive so you don’t increase that.
  2. Do something fun. Immediately engage your dog in their favorite activity to distract them from the boots. A walk, fetch, whatever your dog loves. Soon, if you stay consistent, your dog will associate their new boots with fun times.
  3. Break in the boots. Dogs will need to build up their tolerance to the boots just like humans do with a new pair of hiking boots. Take your dog for short walks to break the boots in.
  4. Make sure the boots fit. Measure your dog’s paw width (front and back paws) carefully before buying boots. A good fit will be comfortable and won’t fall off on your adventures. Measuring is key. Your dog’s weight or breed doesn’t translate to paw and boot size.