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Our Take: Ruffwear Urban Sprawl Dog Bed

Update 11/18 – Read our Full Review

With Ruffwear’s late Summer product launch this year, they brought back and improved upon an old favorite product of ours, the Urban Sprawl Dog Bed. Here’s what we dig about this bed.

It’s luxurious. In two sizes, this bed is big and comfortable for your dog. It has a full 6″ of loft.

Two firmness settings. One of the cool improvements is the ability to flip the mattress from a soft side to a firm side. Use the firm side in warmer weather or for older dogs that might have a harder time getting out of bed they’ve sunk down into. My 10 yr old lab loves this side.

Use the softer setting in cool weather or for dog’s that prefer to “nest” in their bed.

Easy to clean. Of course the cover comes off and the each piece can be washed. But, for day to day cleaning, the microfiber top just wipes off and looks great. Hair doesn’t easily stick to it and can be swept off.

Looks great anywhere. In two colors, the bed looks great whether it’s in your tent or living room. And, it works great anywhere with a¬†waterproof, recycled polyester fabric base.

Wears well. I have an original (~ 6 years old) Urban Sprawl in my office that is used daily, sometimes by both dogs at the same time. I won’t try to tell you it looks new but it looks better than any bed I’ve owned. It still has plenty of loft and doesn’t feel “lumpy” like many beds do over time.

Notice from the picture above that the microfiber top now stretches across the entire bed, edge-to-edge.

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