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A Review of the new Ruffwear Web Master Pro Dog Harness

We recently asked our ambassador Rachel Novak to put the new Ruffwear Web Master Pro Dog Harness through the ringer with her Siberian Husky, Laika. Here’s what she thought.

Ruffwear continues to amaze me with their products and they have really outdone themselves with the Web Master Pro Harness! This harness comes equipped with very sleek zippered pockets on both sides of the harness and in each of the zipper pockets, there are smaller mesh pockets for organization. It’s basically their original Web Master Harness perfected and combined with some similarities to the Singletrak Pack. The part I really love about the harness is that all of the hardware is metal instead of plastic and there are NO buckles that can break. The harness is put on and adjusted with double back clips, which can be a bit tricky to get on and off, but 100% worth it because these straps will literally never loosen once the harness is on your dog!

I have used the Web Master Pro Harness for quite some time now and it is one amazing piece of gear. I have literally picked up my 63 lb Siberian husky over logs and the straps have never loosened… not once! With the old Webmaster Harness, the plastic clips made it tiresome for me to always readjust the straps. The straps would always come loose after some time on the trail and picking up Laika over obstacles or her pulling me down the trail. Not with the Web Master Pro Harness! This harness has withstood some serious wear and tear and it has held up beautifully! Laika has chased after deer, squirrels, and chipmunks without causing me concern for her safety because I know that in the Web Master Pro Harness, she is safely restrained. She can even roll around on the ground without the harness shifting – that’s how good the fit is to your dog (thanks to the multiple adjustment points)!
The Web Master Pro’s side pockets are just the right size for short day adventures. On a 5 mile hike, I was able to fit a handful of waste bags, my camera lens cover, a granola bar for me, a few treats for Laika, a whistle, a few band aids, and a small hand sanitizer. The pockets sit nicely against your dog’s body and this harness would be a perfect transition from the original Web Master Harness. This is also the perfect dog “backpack starter kit!” If you would love your dog to eventually carry their own gear, but they are uncomfortable with carrying any weight, this is the product for you! Once they are comfortable with carrying weight in this light pack, upgrading to a larger pack should be very easy.
Overall, this is an amazing all-around harness and pack. It comes in several sizes and is equipped with multiple adjustment points, which makes for a perfect fit on any size dog. The Web Master Pro Harness is extremely versatile and I highly recommend it to anyone.
Pros: All metal hardware, water-resistant materials, very strong components, similar to the original Web Master Harness in fit, incredibly strong and durable (while still being lightweight)
Cons: Single color (red, but it’s a very bright/highly visible color, perfect for hiking), price (a bit high, but honestly this is one of the single best products I own and I can 100% guarantee you will LOVE it and not think twice about it)

Where to Buy

Get the Web Master Pro at Ruffwear or Backcountry