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Ruffwear Highlands Dog Bed Review

Ruffwear Highlands Dog Bed Review

We recently asked our Ambassador Rebecca to test out the Ruffwear Highlands Dog Bed and Highlands Foam Pad with Thor. Here’s their review –

The Ruffwear Highlands Dog Bed is the first dog bed I’ve seen whose design seems influenced by human backpacking equipment. A common problem with backpacking gear is that sleeping bags slide off of slippery sleeping pads. Several manufacturers have introduced methods for attaching the two together – velcro, straps, and pockets – in order to solve this issue.

Ruffwear has run with this concept in order to couple a dog sleeping pad with a dog bed. The Highlands is a soft and lightly padded dog bed that rolls up into a compact little bag for travel. But when you flip it over you find a pocket fits the matching Foam Dog Bed perfectly! I love the versatility of such a system – as someone who camps in California year-round I need gear that can adapt to a wide range of conditions.

When I first unrolled the Highlands bed I barely had it on the floor before Thor moved in and claimed it as his own. As you can see, the bed is relatively small for my labrador. If there is one thing I would change about this bed it would be to offer additional sizes – specifically a bigger size for my 70 lbs of love.

Ruffwear Highlands Dog Bed ReviewOn our first outing, we headed to the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada for a fall colors trip. It was a hot weekend, so Thor did not need a bed for warmth. However, our first night’s campsite was in the middle of a lava flow so he stuck to the bed to avoid sitting and laying on the rough ground.

Ruffwear Highlands Dog Bed ReviewOur most recent trip was in the Mojave Desert over Thanksgiving where nighttime temperatures dropped into the teens. In this case, the extra pad was deeply appreciated! We were staying in an old miner’s cabin, and while we were sitting around the cabin stove to keep warm, Thor couldn’t settle down. We realized that the wood floor had been patched with metal plates, and since there was no insulation under the cabin the metal was ice cold! I brought in the bed and he snuggled right in.

On Thanksgiving evening we were busy preparing dinner in the cabin and needed to keep Thor out from underfoot. We put the bed in a corner and gave him a raw marrow bone. Up until this point the bed had stayed clean and fresh looking but a few hours of raw meat and drool changed that! Here’s how the bed looked when we got home. I didn’t smell too great either.

Ruffwear Highlands Dog Bed ReviewI looked up the washing instructions and threw it on a cold wash with light detergent and let it air dry. The smell and stains are gone, and it looks good as new!

I really like having this bed around camp. We’ll keep it near us whether we’re sitting around the campfire, making dinner, or setting up camp and it gives Thor a place to settle down and be comfortable.

Other than wishing for a bigger size, everything else about this bed has worked out great. I love the bright color so I won’t accidentally leave it sitting around camp. When rolled up it takes up far less space than a typical dog bed, so it’s convenient to pack for our longer road trips where we have a lot of gear and space is at a premium. The materials seem quite durable – it’s been dragged around on all kind of rough desert and rocky campsites. Lastly, it washed up perfectly, so I’m sure there are many more years of use left in it.

Most importantly, Thor is always happy to curl up and have a snooze when the bed comes out, so if it has his seal of approval it has mine.

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