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D-fa Sub-Woofer 2 and Puff-Doggy Jacket Reviews

D-fa Sub Woofer 2 Dog Jacket

D-fa Sub-Woofer 2 and Puff-Doggy Jacket Reviews – In partnership with D-fa, we asked our ambassadors Devin, Pat, and Bella to put the insulated D-fa Puff-Doggy and new softshell Sub Woofer 2 dog jackets through the paces in their Colorado Winter adventures. Enjoy!

This past summer, I was excited to review D-fa’s Float Doggy Life Jacket (update 11/18: D-fa has partnered with Stunt Puppy and the Float Doggy has been rebranded under the Stunt Puppy name) for Backcountry K-9.  I loved the sleek and well-thought-out design of the jacket and the quality of the materials used, so my first impression of the company was a good one.  D-fa enjoyed the review, and approached Backcountry K-9 to offer us two of their jackets to try this winter season.

We tried two D-fa coats stocked by Backcountry K-9: the Puff-Doggy and the Sub-Woofer 2.  Although the jackets serve two different purposes, I fell in love with D-Fa’s thoughtful designs and human-grade materials all over again. One of my favorite taglines from D-fa is:

“There are no straight lines on a dog, so there are no straight lines on D-fa Dog jackets.”

Truly, D-fa has embraced this design statement, and their jackets fit and move with Bella impeccably.

D-fa Subwoofer

D-fa Sub Woofer 2 Dog JacketBest for: Exercise or walking in chilly or damp conditions.  Great for preventing muscle strains in cooler weather, and for keeping your dog dry in sleet or wet snow.  Perfect for the athletic dog that needs a little warmth and protection during intense activity, or for light protection while taking her for a walk down the street. This has become the go-to jacket in Bella’s closet for a wide range of her chilly-weather activities.

Features: Athletic cut allows for full range of motion, quality Hydrotex fabric is lightweight, stretchy, resists water, and blocks wind. Easy to adjust buckles and elastic make putting it on a D-fa Sub Woofer 2 Dog Jacketcinch, and a nice dart feature by the tail hugs the contour of the dog and keeps the jacket in place. A light loop is built in at the neck, which works with Ruffwear’s Beacon Light or other LED light. Our favorite detail?  Hands down, the bright piping and reflectors. The reflective detailing on this jacket is extremely bright when light from a headlamp or car shines on it.  In fact, the reflectors are much brighter from far away than any battery-powered LED light we attach to Bella, and the jacket almost seems to glow from within.

Note: This jacket collects a decent amount of snow in the portion that goes under the dog’s chest, so it might not be your best choice in deep snow. Also, note that the company recommends that this coat is cleaned with a laundry detergent specific to technical garments, but is otherwise machine-washable.

Adventures we’ve taken this jacket on: Many nighttime winter trail runs in Boulder Open Space parks, Fat Bike excursions in the Never Summer Range.

D-fa Sub Woofer 2 Dog Jacket

D-fa Puff-Doggy

D-fa Puff Doggy Dog JacketBest for: Keeping dogs warm when at rest or sleeping, such as during overnight trips.  Also great to keep your dog warm in the car when the temperature drops.  No, we are not suggesting you leave your dog for an extended period in a freezing car, but if you need to leave her briefly while you run into the store or run into the local mountain cafe to grab a breakfast burrito before you hit the slopes, this is a great item to have on hand.  Also perfect for dogs with thin coats or elderly dogs that feel the cold more easily.  Finally, this is a nice summit jacket for winter peak bagging.  We feel that this is a unique product that you can’t exactly find from any other company.  Think of it as a wearable sleeping bag for your dog!

D-fa Puff Doggy Dog JacketFeatures: Extra warm and water resistant, covers the back, neck, and shoulders, areas that tend to get chilly at a rest.  Elbow caps keep bony elbows from getting cold. Made out of Thinsulate polyester material, which will continue to insulate even if it gets damp. The bonier areas of the dog contain 200gms Thinsulate, while in between areas are made with 100gms. Pertex shell repels water. Optional leg loops and a tail loop help keep the jacket from sliding around when your dog is sleeping.  We sometimes use the tail loop, the leg loops look a little awkward but maybe just take a little getting used to.  A really nice feature is the integrated stuff sack, which allows the jacket to be packed down and contained for backpacking, hiking, and camping trips.  Very lightweight, and machine washable!

Note: Unless your dog is elderly or thermally fragile, or you live in temperatures that are consistently on the severely cold end of the thermometer, most dogs will overhead in this type of jacket when active. Be careful with this jacket around rough brush or branches that could snag.

Adventures we’ve taken this jacket on: Two-night yurt trip in the Never Summer Wilderness, Summit County Skijoring Trips.

Bottom line

 D-fa jackets are some of the more expensive jackets out there but are made with some of the best human-grade fabrics and materials that you would want to put on your own back.  If you are in need of a high-end, super technical coat for your dog, then in our opinion D-Fa has the best dog garments out there. From D-fa’s Website:

“D is for Dog and so are we! Imagine your favourite outdoor brand made human grade gear for your dog. Imagine MarMutt or Pupagonia or IceBarker and that’s us, D-fa Dogs. Human grade fabrics and design mean dog gear that is lighter, softer, more breathable and better across a range of conditions. We believe in these things because to us it’s never JUST a dog. “

Where to Buy

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