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Ruffwear Brush Guard – Here’s Our Take

Ruffwear Brush Guard

Ruffwear recently released a new harness and backpack accessory, the Ruffwear Brush Guard. At first glance it isn’t the most exciting piece of gear you could own but we think it could be indispensible. Here’s what we dig about the Brush Guard –

Ruffwear Brush GuardThe Ruffwear Brush Guard is going to help keep your dog’s backpack more stable. We all work to load the pack evenly on both side to prevent it from tipping to one side but inevitably, it happens. The Brush Guard will attach to the harness of The Palisades Pack, Approach Pack, SingleTrak Pack and Web Master Pro, giving the harness more surface area under your dog’s chest and belly and keeping the pack more stable on your dog.

Ruffwear Brush Guard

The Brush Guard will also attach to the Web Master Harness providing that additional surface area under the chest and belly. This will make it more comfortable for your dog to be lifted over obstacles or for assistance for elderly dogs and dogs rehabbing leg injuries.

Additionally, if your dog hard charges through the brush, the Brush Guard can provide some additional protection from punctures and abrasions.

Ruffwear Brush Guard

The Brush Guard attaches easily with Velcro channels that align to the straps on Ruffwear packs and the Web Master and Web Master Pro harnesses. After a muddy day on the trail, you can hand wash it with a mild detergent and hang it to dry.

If you use a Ruffwear dog pack or lift your dog in a Ruffwear Web Master, the Brush Guard is for you!

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Explore the Brush Guard at Ruffwear