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Rad Dog Release N Run Review

Rad Dog Release N Run

UPDATE 2019: Rad Dog is now part of Nite Ize! Nite Ize brings a ton of innovative gear for humans and pets to the outdoor space. Check out their pet gear on Amazon!

Rad Dog Release N Run Review – We asked our ambassadors Krista, Ty and Tango to put the Rad Dog Release N Run collar and leash combo to the test; here’s their take. Enjoy!

You know you’re a dog gear junky when you start raving about something as seemingly simple as a dog collar. Backcountry K-9 sent us the Rad Dog Release N Run to test about two weeks ago and I’m just about ready to replace many of our less versatile leashes with it. I was a big fan of the concept of a collar with a built-in leash but mused about a couple of details like: would it be too thick or heavy? Or bulky? Or strong enough?

Rad Dog Release N RunFirst, it’s no heavier than Ty and Tango’s chain martingale collars. Also, it’s no thicker than their fancy ones that they wear from time to time. This made me happy because when it gets warm out and the dogs are stretching their legs off leash, I don’t necessarily want a lot of material against their coat that will hold the heat close to them.

Secondly, it isn’t that bulky considering there is a tough, tiny, retractable leash rolled up inside. The actual leash compartment is a small box and the rest of the apparent bulk is an empty sheath for the handle. It’s made of climbers webbing so that nixed question number three. My hubby had wondered the same as he inspected it during our first walk. Its small diameter didn’t give Erick the most definitive impression of strength but informing him of the material used immediately boosted his perception. In practice, it’s given me no reason to question it. Ty pulled a little hard at first but now that she’s figured it out, she’s better. The main collar piece is only single-ply nylon so I felt the pull more than with some of her thicker collars but I have confidence in the durability of the collar overall.

Rad Dog Release N RunThe handle on this product is great. It’s low profile but easy to grab. It also tucks neatly into the sheath on its own upon release. Occasionally it would not do so fully and I felt the need to tuck it in. Instead, I waited and observed that the basic motion of Ty’s body jostled it the rest of the way quickly and effortlessly. The dogs aren’t perturbed when it retracts, which was a relief since I wasn’t sure if they would spook at the leash’s speed of return. Possibly most importantly, the handle caused no mobility issues for Ty. My husband and I were equally concerned it would snag on any number of things as she cuts through thick vegetation. Once and only once did I see it loop around a small branch but it is was so brief that Ty didn’t notice. End to end, this is a handy, tough collar!

So far I’ve listed why we love the Release N Run but I haven’t mentioned where I love to have the dogs wear it. Practically everywhere we’ve gone lately. It’s the perfect solution for bringing Ty and Tango from a parking lot to an off-leash area such as the dog park or beach. Or for when a walk starts off leash but one finds oneself in sudden need of one, such as a thunderstorm. Of course, I’ve always carried leashes in the past but that can become cumbersome or annoying as they have a tendency of slipping or getting in the way so I give the Release N Run props for saving me from the hassle involved in being a diligent dog mom! On the trail it’s been more useful than I anticipated. On busy ones, it is handy to quickly grab the dogs when necessary and it seems to give passers-by confidence in the level of control I have of them (even though I can proudly say they will sit and watch me until released!). On quiet trails where the critters are more present, it’s perfect for giving Ty a quick timeout when her Carolina Dog urges get the better of her. Added bonus: training aide. I think it will improve how I work with Ty’s prey drive since I get the impression using it may be easier and/or more effective for teaching her she is a little out of control sometimes than my other methods without me having to dig a leash out of one of our packs for just a few moments of use. Being four feet long, it may not be ideal for daily walks but sometimes we use it anyways because of the convenience of the retractable (our morning walk is in a location where that’s safe).

The one wish I have is that Rad Dog would offer a reflective edition. Other than that, our whole family loves the Release N Run!

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