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Meet Stunt Puppy Reflective Gear for Dogs

Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo High Viz Vest

If you’ve seen our Colorado Canine Instagram account, then you’ve no doubt noticed Bella’s blaze orange Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo collar in photos ranging from backcountry snowshoeing treks, horseback rides, and fly fishing excursions. We oftentimes reach for Bella’s Go Dog Glo collar because of it’s rugged yet simple, high-quality construction. The plain fact that Bella’s collar has now come out of two seasons of rides at the Ranch looking good as new and in perfect working order is a minor miracle (I have pairs of leather riding boots and work gloves that don’t survive seasons up there). As a bonus, Stunt Puppy’s products are designed and made right here in the good old US of A, and most of their materials are sourced in the United States as well.

Stunt Puppy Reflective GearWhen we heard that BackcountryK9’s retail shop was closing, as BackcountryK9 ambassadors we started to think…what brands would we want to keep working with? Stunt Puppy was right at the top of our list, for many of the reasons we listed above (also because they are cool yet not pretentious, create sleekly designed products with no unnecessary frills, and have recently come out with several new and innovative running products for dogs). We were thrilled when we discovered that we would be able to keep our relationship with Stunt Puppy through BackcountryK9’s new face on the blogging scene. We’ve since been able to test out some of Stunt Puppy’s latest and greatest products this fall.

Speaking of fall, if you love the outdoors, then there’s a good chance you’ve been rearranging your daily routines recently due to the rapidly decreasing daylight hours. If you’re a runner or dedicated walker, you are probably starting to squeeze in your miles in the dark here and there. For us, once the time change hits, most of our weekday runs are cold, snowy, and in the pitch-dark. While benefits include peaceful workouts devoid of crowds, nighttime safety can be an issue when running in the dark for a variety of reasons including car traffic, bicycle traffic, and wildlife. We run with Bella in a few different nighttime leashed vs. non-leashed scenarios, and thought we would highlight our experiences with the reflective Stunt Puppy gear we’ve tried so far.

Stunt Runner Leash

The amazing Stunt Runner Leash, in our opinion, is best suited for road running vs. trail/mountain running, based on the length it stretches. Running with a dog on-leash while running up and down technical mountain trails is a pretty specialized and slightly hazardous skill, which we’ve found works best with a long combination waist-worn and hand controlled lead. However, an uber long leash is obnoxious and unnecessary for running on roads and wide/non-technical trails. And really, we don’t typically run on trails like that in the dark, anyway (at least not always on purpose). The Stunt Runner is probably overall the most versatile and rugged running leash we have used to date.

What we love:

  • Super reflective
  • Rugged, high-quality materials and buckles.
  • Easy to use, great length for running on roads/wide trails.
  • The human waist-worn portion doesn’t twist and is comfortable to wear.
  • Multi-purpose hands-free running and walking leash.
  • The Stunt Runner leash offers the perfect amount of stretch to absorb shock, yet not so stretchy that you feel as though you don’t have control around other dogs, squirrels, crowds, etc… The traffic handle is a great feature to use when loading and unloading from the car.
  • A few times, I forgot to wear high-visibility colors/reflective materials myself, but the bright orange color we have combined with the reflective features helped me light up on our runs, too, due to the reflective waist-worn feature.

Maybe not for you if:

  • You are looking for a super long, lightweight leash for very technical trail running. The length isn’t ideal for long sections on narrow single-track, and it’s a bit heavy and bulky to fit in a trail running pack.
  • Multiple people of a wide range of sizes in your household really want to use the waist-worn feature. It’s not difficult to adjust, but might not be convenient to do so often. Pat and I can use the same waist length, so it’s not really an issue for us.

Go Dog Glo Harness

Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo HarnessWhat we love:

  • The design of the Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo harness tightens up as your dog pulls. At first, we were worried this would be too harsh for Bella since we’ve never used martingale style collars with her. However, the tightening feature is very subtle yet supportive, almost like a hug. This feature also keeps the harness from slipping over your dog’s head if he or she resists walking forward/pulls backward.
  • With the built-in 3M reflectors, this harness looks like it glows from within, and is impossible to miss when lit up by car headlights or your own headlamp, even from a good distance away.

Maybe not for you if:

  • You want to tie your dog out in a harness unsupervised. Because this harness has a martingale tightening action, it is not recommended for tie out. But that’s all we’ve got.

Keep in mind:

  • Side note, we’ve seen this harness in person in both blue and red. The red is really more of a dusty pink shade, so if you aren’t into pink, we suggest going with the blue color instead.
  • Bella was smack in between a medium and large size harness. Because her shoulders are so broad, a large worked much better for her.

Go Dog Glo High Visibility Vest

Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo High Visibility VestWhat we love:

  • Holy reflection, Batman! You can see the Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo High Visibility Vest from a mile away (well at least up to 500 ft down the road to be exact!).
  • We tested out a newer model with super cool, spiderweb-like reflective design that rivals the look of the slickest new running shoe and running apparel patterns.
  • Ideal for running near traffic, also for when your dog is running/walking off leash and you are using a headlamp. Our first use of this vest was during our stay at a retired fire tower in Wyoming. When we finally had a break in the rain and lounged around the campfire, and also when we let her out at night, it was a breeze to find her in the dark with a quick sweep of a headlamp. This is a great item for camping in addition to running and walking!
  • Again, high-quality construction and thoughtful, rugged design. If I had a human child, I would probably want him/her to wear this for safety at night (disclaimer: don’t really try this with human children. Ok?).

Maybe not for you if…

  • You don’t need a reflective vest for your dog? Other than that, the only detail I can think to mention is that this product currently only comes in fluorescent yellow. If you are looking for a vest for hunting season in your area, you might consider seeking out standard blaze orange colors to warn hunters of your dog’s presence.

The bottom line: The shortened days of Fall and Winter are the perfect time to invest in reflective, high-visibility gear if you stay active with your dog all year long. Investing in reflective gear truly is investing in the safety and well-being of your best adventure companion. Added bonus? Stunt Puppy’s products are designed and made in the USA, are constructed with the same materials used in climbing and rescue gear. Just because the days are getting shorter, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice outdoor time with your dog!