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PooVault Review

PooVault Review

PooVault Review

We recently collaborated with PooVault to do a test and review of their poop bag carrier. My older lab, Huron, is now 14 and I’m not exaggerating when I say she doesn’t make it 40 yards from our house or camper on a walk without pooping. She poops a lot. And, as she’s gotten older, it stinks. A lot.

So we figured we’d be good candidates to give PooVault a test. PooVault is a recyclable #2 HDPE plastic container with an O-ring and charcoal filter in the lid that seals in smells. It has a belt clip and carabiner clip to attach it to your belt, backpack or leash for easy carrying.

It weighs just 4.9 ounces and has a 400 ml volume (that’s 13.5 ounces for most of us). According to PooVault themselves, it is ideal for dogs 55lbs and smaller – more on that below.

What We Found

PooVault Review

Spoiler alert, we like PooVault. I initially was skeptical about the size as my dogs are more in the 75 lb range. What I found was that a normal pile from one of our dogs fit fine with a little room to spare.

The smell from the PooVault is non-existent. Due to a protein allergy in one dog, they are both on a strict diet of salmon and sweet potato dog food (with a few occasional pieces of popcorn on movie nights). There’s no kind way to say it – Huron processes that into one of the more rancid things you will smell. PooVault sealed it up, no problem. I even made the 8-year-old human kid do a smell test.

PooVault Review

This kid could smell a fleck of onion from 10 yards but was not phased by the closed PooVault. Additionally, the replaceable charcoal filter did a great job of keeping the PooVault smell-free after the bag was tossed.

The PooVault is tough. I would have no worries tossing it in a pack or in the back of the truck; no fear of it breaking or coming open.

The only con I could come up with is that the latch on the lid is difficult to operate. However, PooVault is addressing this with a new latch and is even sending out new latches to previous customers!

Probably A Good Fit for For You If:

You take regular walks or runs with a small or medium dog. I’d go as far to say a day hike with a couple of small dogs is fine in terms of capacity.

Probably Not for You If:

PooVault is not really sized for large breeds or extended use without emptying it. So, no backpacking trips with a medium or large dog. Although, I’d wager you could pull off an overnight with a small dog.

Where to Buy

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