D-fa Gandhi Lead

Product Description

D-fa's most highly evolved dog leash is Gandhi. This leash incorporates all of the features D-fa thinks should be in a great leader. It''s the one that allows the greatest freedom and promotes peaceful walking and the most civil act of d-fa-disobedience.

  • 5.5 ft length; easily shortens to 2ft length for traffic situations
  • Padded handle for your comfort
  • Swiveling and locking carabiner to accommodate excited circling on walks
  • Constructed of strong, soft-touch and non-slip honeycomb webbing
  • Inner construction gives extra strength
  • Short shock cord section to allow you to peacefully express yourself without causing a fuss
  • On-board stuff sack to contain poop bags and other important stuff (like treats to avoid hunger strikes)
  • Shortening clip (strength 130lb) converts the long lead to a shorter traffic lead
  • Quick hitching feature so you can tether your dog without tying complex knots or taking them off lead