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Backcountry K-9 Affiliate Disclosure

Certain links and buttons on this site will take you to an affiliate partner’s website where you are able to purchase the product we are telling you about. In the event that you do purchase from our affiliate partner, we earn a small commision on the sale at no additional cost to you.

Some links we provide do not earn us a commission but we truly believe in the product and want to make sure our readers know about it.


Since Backcountry K-9 potentially makes money on links, will you just pitch any old product?

No way! We know most of our readers are pretty savvy and could spot it if we were just linking to any product we think might earn us a buck. We strive for this site to showcase the best dog gear on the market. We use the gear, we’ve developed relationships with the gear makers, we even sold the gear in our own online shop for over 11 years. Integrity is very important to us.

Does it cost me more to use the affiliate link?

Nope. Our commissions come at no additional cost to you. We work with our affiliate partners through third-party platforms. Those platforms (AvantLink and Amazon) makes the experience transparent for us and our affiliate partners. We also only partner with some of the best retailers and gear makers out there to eliminate any nefarious behavior.