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Hiking with your dog in the desert
Adventure Lifestyle How to Guides

5 Tips for Hiking with your Dog in the Desert

I know what you’re thinking about right now because I’m thinking the same thing. Where am I going to hike when Spring rolls around? The mountains? Nah, go there all the time…the beach? Nah, too far plus it’ll be too cold. Oh! The Desert. Yes, I’ll go to the desert…

Conquering 14ers With Man's Best Friend
Adventure Lifestyle How to Guides

Conquering 14,000ft with Man’s Best Friend

About a year and a half ago my best friend Cooper and I moved from the Adirondack Mountains of New York to the Rockies of Colorado. After summiting all 46 high peaks in NY and exploring hundreds of other trails near our small town I was ready for some bigger mountains…

Hurtta Summit Parka
Product Reviews

Review of the Hurtta Summit Parka

A Guest Post by Melanie White Melanie and her husband, Kevin Goldberg, are avid trail runners and outdoor enthusiasts. Recent transplants to Colorado from New York City, they can be found most weekends exploring the mountains with their faithful furry companions, Maxine and Charlotte. Together, they chronicle their adventures via…

2017 Holiday Gift Guide
Product Reviews

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Updated 11/30/2018 – We still dig the items on this previous gift guide so we’ve updated some links and images. We’ve also noted some alternatives to now discontinued products. Looking for the perfect gift for the dog lover (or dog!) in your life this holiday season? Look no further! We’ve…

Ruffwear Quick Draw Leash
Product Reviews

Ruffwear Quick Draw Leash Review

UPDATE: Read our review of the latest version of the Quick Draw We’re highlighting relatively inexpensive and simple products this season that we think will make your experience as you get out on the trails with your dog this spring just that much more enjoyable. We decided to change it…

Backpacking with Kids and Dogs
Adventure Lifestyle Hiking and Backpacking How to Guides

Backpacking with Kids and Dogs

For a couple years now I’ve been itching to get my now 6-year-old son out backpacking with me. It’s something I’ve loved to do for the past 20 years and couldn’t wait to share the experiences with him. This summer he and I took a road trip around Utah and…

Rad Dog Release N Run
Hiking and Backpacking Product Reviews

Rad Dog Release N Run Review

Rad Dog Release N Run Review – We asked our ambassadors Krista, Ty and Tango to put the Rad Dog Release N Run collar and leash combo to the test; here’s their take. Enjoy! You know you’re a dog gear junky when you start raving about something as seemingly simple…

Ruffwear Headwater Collar and Leash
Hiking and Backpacking Paddling Product Reviews

Ruffwear Headwater Collar and Leash Review

We asked our ambassador Sheila to put the new Ruffwear Headwater waterproof/stink proof dog collars and leash to the test with Gryph and Edgar. Here is their review; enjoy! Our dogs are active outdoor dogs…busy year-round in all conditions, be it snow, rain, mud, or heat. Inevitably, whether we are skijoring in wet snow,…