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Devin Walker

Devin, along with her husband, Patrick and their dog, Bella, live in Colorado and take advantage of everything the Rocky Mountain State has to offer - from horseback riding, backpacking, skijoring on cross-country skis, paddleboarding, skijoring, snowboarding, fly fishing, to running ultra marathons...if it’s outside and can be done with Bella, they’re doing it! Bella was born in 2011 in Oklahoma. She was transported to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley (HSBV) as a puppy where Pat adopted her, despite the fact that she was labeled as “fearful” and “undersocialized”. Bella has since become the ultimate Colorado Adventure Dog and goes everywhere with Devin and Pat. The trio is still active in supporting HSBV through community events and fundraisers. Devin, Bella, and Patrick are four-time medal winners at the Vail GoPro Mountain Games in the Rocky Dog 5k event. When she’s not reviewing dog gear or out adventuring, Devin is a middle school special education teacher in Longmont, Colorado.

The best winter jackets for dogs
Product Reviews

The Best Winter Jackets for Dogs

Choosing the correct winter jacket for your dog can seem like a daunting task.  With the myriad of different styles, fabrics, and brands now available to our canine companions, it’s easy to find variety, but it’s even easier to make a poor choice when selecting a jacket for your dog.…

Ruffwear Stumptown Review
Product Reviews

Ruffwear Stumptown Jacket Review

I can place the dog gear we test and review into two main categories: everyday basics that we hang by the front door and use on a regular basis, and specialty gear that we store and get out for specific kinds of adventures. Ruffwear’s Stumptown Jacket has recently earned itself…

Bike Trailers for Dogs - How and Why
How to Guides Product Reviews

Bike Trailers for Dogs: How and Why

If you’ve read any of my blogs or gear reviews in the past, then you know that I am up for trying any quality dog product that enhances my outdoor experience with Bella, while my husband Pat is the frugal voice of reason who wonders if we really need more…

Colorado Trail Part 3: Reflections from the Trail
Hiking and Backpacking

Colorado Trail Part 3: Reflections from the Trail

This past July, I spent two weeks backpacking 100 miles the Colorado Trail with my pointer-mix Bella and my mother.  We spent the majority of the time hiking between Frisco and Twin Lakes, Colorado, and then drove South to complete three days in the beautiful San Juan Mountains outside of…

Colorado Trail Part Two
Hiking and Backpacking How to Guides

Colorado Trail Part 2: Release the Gear Hounds

In part one of my Colorado Trail Series, I introduced the 100-mile trip my mom, Bella, and I are planning next month and talked about our planning process. After deciding on our sections, schedules, and resupply and pick up points, the next step for me was to get my gear…

Ruffwear Quick Draw Review
Product Reviews

2018 Ruffwear Quick Draw Review

A year ago, we wrote a joint review on Ruffwear’s Quickdraw Leash. Ruffwear recently redesigned the product, and we wanted to be sure to share our take on the updated version. What hasn’t changed? The overall functionality and look of the product. It’s the same length with the same trusty,…

Ruffwear Trail Runner Bowl Review
Product Reviews

Ruffwear Trail Runner Bowl Review

So, let’s be honest…there are a multitude of travel bowls for dogs of all different shapes and sizes on the market…so what’s the big deal about this one? If you are a trail runner, thru-hiker, or otherwise weight-conscious adventurer, then you know that you can’t afford to be weighed down…

Ruffwear Singletrak Review
Product Reviews

Ruffwear Singletrak Review

Ruffwear recently sent us their redesigned Singletrak Pack to try out, which is arguably our favorite product Ruffwear has ever made. Bella has worn her trusty original Singletrak Pack for many hundreds of trail miles, in all types of terrain, and in all kinds of weather. She’s had her current…