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Devin Walker

Devin, along with her husband, Patrick and their dog, Bella, live in Colorado and take advantage of everything the Rocky Mountain State has to offer - from horseback riding, backpacking, skijoring on cross-country skis, paddleboarding, skijoring, snowboarding, fly fishing, to running ultra marathons...if it’s outside and can be done with Bella, they’re doing it! Bella was born in 2011 in Oklahoma. She was transported to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley (HSBV) as a puppy where Pat adopted her, despite the fact that she was labeled as “fearful” and “undersocialized”. Bella has since become the ultimate Colorado Adventure Dog and goes everywhere with Devin and Pat. The trio is still active in supporting HSBV through community events and fundraisers. Devin, Bella, and Patrick are four-time medal winners at the Vail GoPro Mountain Games in the Rocky Dog 5k event. When she’s not reviewing dog gear or out adventuring, Devin is a middle school special education teacher in Longmont, Colorado.

Colorado Trail Part 1
Adventure Lifestyle Hiking and Backpacking

Colorado Trail Part 1: “Don’t Go Wishing Your Life Away”

The idea for this trip first came to me at the Banff Film Festival’s Boulder, Colorado screening a few years ago.  We were celebrating my husband Patrick’s 30th birthday, and his father had come up frequently in conversation that night.  When Pat was in his early 20’s, he lost his…

Paw Care
Adventure Lifestyle How to Guides

From the Ground Up: Paw Care for Adventure Dogs

Your dog’s paws are the critical link to successful adventures. Minor scrapes and cuts elsewhere tend to heal quickly, but paw injuries can be truly debilitating as they are difficult to keep clean, protected, and dry. While dogs that are regularly active tend to develop tough, hardy paws, factors such…

Ruffwear Polar Trex Review
Product Reviews

Ruffwear Polar Trex Review – Winter Dog Boots

Does Your Dog Need Snow Boots? If your dog has long hair between her toes, and you live in an area with snow, then you’ve probably witnessed your dog being plagued by frustrating and even painful snowballs. Some dogs will work so hard to remove the snowballs from their feet,…

Rex Specs
Adventure Lifestyle Product Reviews

Rex Specs:  Canine Eye Protection in Extreme Conditions

If you follow adventure-dog accounts on social media, then most likely you’ve noticed a rise in popularity of Rex Specs: goggles designed specifically for dogs. Like us, you may have thought to yourself: “ok, so they look cool, but is it just a gimmick to get more followers?”  We were…

Ruffwear Track Jacket and Beacon Review
Product Reviews

Review of the Ruffwear Track Jacket and Beacon

Fall is here in full force, and the days are already shortening. Once the time change is here, getting out in the daylight becomes harder and harder, particularly during the workweek. Whether your fall adventures with your dog include road running near traffic, off-leash hikes, or mountain biking in the…

First Aid
Adventure Lifestyle Hiking and Backpacking How to Guides

Human and Dog First Aid for Day Trips

Make your own custom first aid kit, for you and your dog When I first started trail running with my husband, Pat, he concerned me by heading into the high country by himself, oftentimes for 20-30 miles in one go.  When trail running, you have to pack minimally, and only…

Ruffwear Cooling Gear
Product Reviews

Review of Ruffwear Evaporative Cooling Gear

For many of us, Summer is an exciting season that opens up all sorts of new adventuring opportunities.  However, many dogs don’t share our excitement for warmer weather.  Bella slows her pace down significantly in the heat, and she oftentimes requires several hours of napping following a warm excursion that…

Turdlebag Dog Poop Bag Carrier
Product Reviews

A Review of the Turdlebag Dog Poop Bag Carrier

It’s not secret that Bell is a gear hound.  From horseback riding to SUPing, trail running, snowboarding, backpacking, fly fishing and skijoring, Bella has activity-specific gear that tends to rotate through storage and an active coat-closet phase by the door, depending on the season.  Even her collars and leashes have…