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Jason Booth

Jason lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his wife, Suzie, two boys, and their black lab, Cheyenne. They spend nearly every spring, summer, and fall weekend at their camper in Wisconsin's glacier-carved Kettle Moraine area. Jason has been an avid backpacker since his first trip to Glacier National Park in college. Backcountry trips these days tend to be a bit shorter with kids in tow and Cheyenne leading the way but adventure-filled nonetheless! When Jason isn't relaxing outside, he works as a web-based software developer. He and his family are planning a relocation to Colorado Springs in 2019 to continue their adventures in the mountains.

PooVault Review
Product Reviews

PooVault Review

We recently collaborated with PooVault to do a test and review of their poop bag carrier. My older lab, Huron, is now 14 and I’m not exaggerating when I say she doesn’t make it 40 yards from our house or camper on a walk without pooping. She poops a lot. And, as…

Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker
Adventure Lifestyle Hiking and Backpacking

A Chat with an Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker

Have you ever thought about hiking the Appalachian Trail with your dog? We had a fun opportunity to outfit Panda, an AT Thru-Hiker’s dog, for the 2016 season. We recently caught back up with Jacqui Reed to get her reflections and thoughts on that AT thru-hike – what it was like…

Cold weather pack list
Adventure Lifestyle Hiking and Backpacking How to Guides

Cold Weather Day Hike Pack List for Your Dog

Doing a cold weather hike with your dog might seem intimidating. You have your layers and warm boots. Hats, gloves, sunglasses and maybe even snowshoes. But what about your dog? Besides a built-in fur coat and can-do attitude, they may be lacking some essential gear. We’ve put together a cold weather pack…

Hurtta Savior Dog Life Jacket
How to Guides Paddling Product Reviews

Dog Life Jackets – Why and What to Look For

Why Your Dog Needs a Life Jacket I have two labs. To say they love the water is to say Cookie Monster is just fond of cookies. If we drive or walk by a beach they dance around and cry, not able to focus on anything except getting in. Both…

floating fetch toys
Product Reviews

Review of the Updated Ruffwear Floating Fetch Toys

With their Fall release, Ruffwear gave their soft, floating fetch toys a facelift with bright new colors. Being our favorite dog toys for fetching, we jumped at the chance to get our hands on them a few weeks early and put them through the paces along the shores of Lake…

Backpacking Pack List
Hiking and Backpacking How to Guides

Backpacking with your Dog: Pack List

Try to name a better backpacking companion than your dog. Go ahead, I’ll wait. I mean your dog won’t complain if you smell. They won’t constantly talk about how they’re craving a pizza. They don’t mind getting dirty and five-second rule? Make it 10! But seriously, dogs make great trail…

Ruffwear Front Range Leash
Product Reviews

Ruffwear Front Range Leash Review

Having owned a shop dedicated to selling dog gear for over a decade, my dogs have been spoiled, to say the least. They’ve patiently tried dozens of collars, leashes, backpacks, coats – the list goes on. In the end, we have a core set of gear that works well for…