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The Turdlebag full dog poop bag carrier is the tasteful solution to a not-so-tasteful problem: what to do with that full bag of dog poo?

Picture it: your dog and you are out on a lovely stroll, run or hike and your furry friend decides to do their business…and now you’re strolling/ running/ hiking with a steamy bag of dog poo, looking for a garbage can. You could tie the dog poop bag to the leash, or leave it on the path and hope you remember to pick the poop bag up on your way home…or you could simply drop it into your Turdlebag, which is conveniently sitting on your leash, and away you go! Doing something stinky should be easy.

We love Turdlebag and we think you could too. Be sure to read our review!

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Turdlebag Dog Poop Bag Carrier
The Tasteful Solution to a Not-So-Tasteful Problem

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