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Whyld RiverWhyld River

Whyld River was founded in November of 2017 by Rachel Bauman and her rescue dog River, the inspiration and the driving force behind the Whyld River brand.

When Rachel first brought River home he was scared of his own shadow. For no reason at all, he would wind up a shaking mess in her arms from small interactions with sounds, people, and other dogs. However, when she began taking River on adventures with her outdoors he became a totally different dog. Outside of all the scary noises of city living, he would be a free, confident, and energetic puppy! Gone was the shaking mess and what emerged was the loving and carefree dog she knows so well.

As River is a skinny boy Rachel brought along a huge old sleeping bag for him to curl up in on their first backpacking trip in the Pacific Northwest. It took up half of her 70L pack – it was made for a human. It didn’t fit River properly and he kept uncovering himself in the middle of the night. In the morning Rachel woke up to find him shivering so badly that they had to pack up and leave. They made it back to the car but it took him an hour with the heat on full blast to finally stop shaking.

From there, Rachel set out to make the perfect sleeping bag for River. After designing and testing prototypes with over 20 testers, Whyld River launched on Kickstarter with a $10,000 goal. When the dust settled, they had raised nearly $25,000 for the DoggyBag!

We love the Whyld River Doggy Bag and we think you could too. Be sure to read our review!

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Whyld River Doggy Bag

Whyld River Doggy Bag
packable sleeping bag made for dogs

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