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Cold weather pack list
Adventure Lifestyle Hiking and Backpacking How to Guides

Cold Weather Day Hike Pack List for Your Dog

Doing a cold weather hike with your dog might seem intimidating. You have your layers and warm boots. Hats, gloves, sunglasses and maybe even snowshoes. But what about your dog? Besides a built-in fur coat and can-do attitude, they may be lacking some essential gear. We’ve put together a cold weather pack…

Rex Specs
Adventure Lifestyle Product Reviews

Rex Specs:  Canine Eye Protection in Extreme Conditions

If you follow adventure-dog accounts on social media, then most likely you’ve noticed a rise in popularity of Rex Specs: goggles designed specifically for dogs. Like us, you may have thought to yourself: “ok, so they look cool, but is it just a gimmick to get more followers?”  We were…

First Aid
Adventure Lifestyle Hiking and Backpacking How to Guides

Human and Dog First Aid for Day Trips

Make your own custom first aid kit, for you and your dog When I first started trail running with my husband, Pat, he concerned me by heading into the high country by himself, oftentimes for 20-30 miles in one go.  When trail running, you have to pack minimally, and only…

Pet Insurance
Adventure Lifestyle

Pet Insurance for Active Dogs

Pet insurance.  You’ve thought about it.  You tried justifying it.  But you can’t trust it…or can you? Unfortunately, many of us have heard horror stories of pet insurance companies providing nothing but a headache.  From adventuring with Bella on trail runs, horseback rides, skijoring, and everything in between, we knew…

Ranch Life with Dogs
Adventure Lifestyle

Horseback Riding and Ranch Life with Dogs

Riding on the Ranch with Bella My parents never bought me a pony when I was growing up.  In fact, I didn’t really learn how to ride until I was 20 years old.  Even now, I’ve never competed in any kind of equestrian show.  When I was old enough to…

Backpacking with Kids and Dogs
Adventure Lifestyle Hiking and Backpacking How to Guides

Backpacking with Kids and Dogs

For a couple years now I’ve been itching to get my now 6-year-old son out backpacking with me. It’s something I’ve loved to do for the past 20 years and couldn’t wait to share the experiences with him. This summer he and I took a road trip around Utah and…

Adventure Lifestyle

Foster Dogs and a Lifestyle of Adventuring

Our Brand Ambassador Krista Rodrigues has been fostering dogs for six years and we recently asked her how she brings her foster dogs into her outdoor adventures. Enjoy! Fostering a dog awaiting adoption is everything you might imagine: fun, rewarding, educational, challenging… We have been fostering for six years and we would not…