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First Aid
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Human and Dog First Aid for Day Trips

Make your own custom first aid kit, for you and your dog When I first started trail running with my husband, Pat, he concerned me by heading into the high country by himself, oftentimes for 20-30 miles in one go.  When trail running, you have to pack minimally, and only…

Hurtta Savior Dog Life Jacket
How to Guides Paddling Product Reviews

Dog Life Jackets – Why and What to Look For

Why Your Dog Needs a Life Jacket I have two labs. To say they love the water is to say Cookie Monster is just fond of cookies. If we drive or walk by a beach they dance around and cry, not able to focus on anything except getting in. Both…

Backpacking Pack List
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Backpacking with your Dog: Pack List

Try to name a better backpacking companion than your dog. Go ahead, I’ll wait. I mean your dog won’t complain if you smell. They won’t constantly talk about how they’re craving a pizza. They don’t mind getting dirty and five-second rule? Make it 10! But seriously, dogs make great trail…

Backpacking with Kids and Dogs
Adventure Lifestyle Hiking and Backpacking How to Guides

Backpacking with Kids and Dogs

For a couple years now I’ve been itching to get my now 6-year-old son out backpacking with me. It’s something I’ve loved to do for the past 20 years and couldn’t wait to share the experiences with him. This summer he and I took a road trip around Utah and…

Skijoring with Dogs
How to Guides Skijoring and Winter Sports

Skijoring with Dogs – Part 1

We recently worked with our Ambassadors Devin, Pat and Bella to get started with Skijoring with dogs. Devin has distilled down her experiences so far to help you get started Skijoring with your dog. Enjoy! There are many perks to being a Backcountry K-9 ambassador, the obvious one being that…

How to Guides Skijoring and Winter Sports

Kicklsedding with Dogs

We recently asked our ambassador, Sheila, to breakdown kicksledding with dogs for us – what it is and how you might be able to get into a the sport with your dog. Enjoy! Kicksledding? What is that? And why would I be interested in trying it with my dog? Is…

How to Guides Paddling

A Beginner’s Guide to Canoeing with Dogs

We recently asked our brand Ambassador Sheila Goss to share her expertise in a Beginner’s Guide to Canoeing with Dogs. We’re ready to hit the water! “There is one thing I should warn you about before you decide to get serious about canoeing . You must consider the possibility of…

Hiking and Backpacking How to Guides

A Crash Course in Backpacking with Dogs

We asked our ambassador Devin Scannell to share her thoughts and tips on backpacking with dogs based on her experience frequently backpacking with Bella in the Rockies. Whether you’re just getting started or are a seasoned vet, you’re bound to learn a new trick! Thinking about backpacking with your dog…