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Skijoring and Winter Sports

Skijoring with Dogs
How to Guides Skijoring and Winter Sports

Skijoring with Dogs – Part 1

We recently worked with our Ambassadors Devin, Pat and Bella to get started with Skijoring with dogs. Devin has distilled down her experiences so far to help you get started Skijoring with your dog. Enjoy! There are many perks to being a Backcountry K-9 ambassador, the obvious one being that…

How to Guides Skijoring and Winter Sports

Kicklsedding with Dogs

We recently asked our ambassador, Sheila, to breakdown kicksledding with dogs for us – what it is and how you might be able to get into a the sport with your dog. Enjoy! Kicksledding? What is that? And why would I be interested in trying it with my dog? Is…

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Is Your Dog Not Too Sure About His New Boots?

Dog boots work wonders to protect your dog’s pads from all kinds of hazards – ice, salt, cactus needles, sharp rock, hot asphalt, and poking sticks. Try explaining the benefit to your dog though! Most dogs look disgusted and start the high stepping dance. If it happens to your dog,…